Sony HXR-NX5E NXCAM Camcorder

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Sony HXR-NX5E NXCAM Camcorder

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*Three 1/3-inch Exmor CMOS sensors NXCAM AVCHD camcorder
*Work Faster
*Flexible Workflow
*Hybrid Media Choice
*20x high quality zoom
*Wide angle of 29.5 mm
*Records 1920 x 1080 images
*3.2-inch-type XtraFine LCD Touch panel


Sony's first professional AVCHD camcorder redefines the performance and features expected of this product class. It records stunning quality 1920 x 1080 images at 24Mbps (50i or 25p), as well as supporting 720/50p and Standard Definition recording. Sony's “G Lens” and Exmor technology provide excellent resolution, colour and contrast, as well as exceptional low-light sensitivity.

Sony’s exclusive High-performance G Lens
The “G Lens” provides great picture quality and versatility with a wide angle of 29.5 mm (equivalent to 35 mm film) and a 20x high quality zoom.
Natural-touch Lens Operation
The iris ring, located next to the zoom ring allows users to adjust exposure with great precision. The zoom function is variable and can be controlled by using the lens barrel ring, the lever at the lens grip or the lever on the camera handle. Additionally, once you select the high-speed zoom mode, you can zoom from wide to telephoto 1.5x faster than with the HVR-V1E.
Three Neutral Density Filters
The HXR-NX5E is equipped with three built-in ND (Neutral Density) filters – 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 – which help to vary the depth of field with iris control.
Three 1/3” Exmor CMOS Sensors with ClearVid array
Three state-of-the-art 1/3” Exmor CMOS sensors with a ClearVid array ensure high resolution, high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range, and excellent colour reproduction.
Exmor Technology Noise Reduction System
Exmor technology can eliminate the influence of external noise that enters the signal chain during transfer to the A/D converter, resulting in high-quality digital signals with extremely low noise. This significantly enhances shooting in low-light environments with a sensitivity of just 1.5 lux (1/25 shutter, auto iris, and auto gain).
ClearVid Array for Higher Sensitivity and Resolution
CMOS sensors equipped with a ClearVid array achieve a bigger sensor pixel size than ordinary image sensors, and this leads to higher sensitivity. Furthermore, an unique interpolation technique from Sony utilises the 45-degree rotated pixels on each chip, increasing resolution.
AVCHD - Ideal for Memory Recording
AVCHD is a highly efficient data compression format which greatly reduces memory requirements, maximizing the benefits of file-based recording with high image quality in a small file size. This is made possible by the exceptionally efficient MPEG4 AVC/H.264 codec.
Relay Record with Dual Memory Slots
The HXR-NX5E introduces a new feature which supports seamless, continuous recording between two memory card slots.
Hybrid Recording with Optional Flash Memory Unit
The 128-GB capacity of the optional HXR-FMU128 provides continuous recording for approximately 11 hours in the highest FX 24-Mbps mode (21-Mbps video data, 3Mbps audio and other data). Despite its huge capacity, the HXR-FMU128 integrates neatly with the HXR-NX5 - attaching directly to the back of the unit.
Content Management Utility Software
1. Merging files divided due to FAT32 file system - which automatically divides files larger than 2GB during recording.
2. Merging files split across multiple Memory Cards. (When recording, the HXR-NX5E will automatically carry on recording on the next card, if capacity is exceeded in the first.)
3. Maps GPS data embedded in video data. System Requirements: OS Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7
MPEG-2 for Standard Definition Recording
Standard Definition recording uses MPEG-2, which is the same compression codec as standard DVD-VIDEO Discs. This is easily edited in most NLEs and ideal for delivery using DVD-Video discs.
Loss-less Audio Recording Capability
The HXR-NX5E provides a choice of two audio recording formats; Dolby Digital stereo or Linear PCM stereo. The latter is capable of capturing uncompressed, CD quality audio data.
Active SteadyShot
In addition to conventional SteadyShot technology, the HXR-NX5E features Active SteadyShot technology which provides superior stabilisation - reducing hand-held camera shake. Improved stabilisation allows the user to concentrate more on composition and shot transition, rather than worrying about how to stabilise the camera.
Built-in GPS
The HXR-NX5E is the world’s first professional AVCHD camcorder with an internal Global Location Positioning (GPS) locator which can automatically embed satellite navigation data in AVCHD video data files. Mapping data can be created using bundled CMU software. Also GPS data can be extracted from video files, using CMU (Content Management Utility) software, in a commonly used latitude/longitude NMEA data format.
XtraFine LCD Touch Panel
The HXR-NX5E features a 3.2-inch-type XtraFine LCD Touch panel with approximately 921,000 pixels (1920 x 480) and this higher resolution allows for easier focus adjustment. The XtraFine LCD displays virtually 100% of the recorded picture area at a colour temperature of approximately 6500K.
Easy Operation with Touch Panel and Buttons
The XtraFine LCD Touch Panel has an interface specifically designed for the HXR-NX5. A Visual Index Button makes it easy to browse clips, while most settings are easily adjusted by touch screen operation. It’s also possible to use buttons and switches, so users can choose which is best for any specific shooting situation.
XtraFine Electronic View Finder
The 0.45 inch type XtraFine EVF (Electronic View Finder) has approximately 1,227,000 pixels (852x3[RGB] x 480). This device has three independent LEDs for Red, Green, and Blue colours, which allows users to monitor objects with remarkable colour reproduction accuracy and high resolution. The EVF has a selectable display mode between Colour or Black and White. The XtraFine EVF displays virtually 100% of the picture area at 6500K colour temperature.
Multiple Interfaces
The HXR-NX5E has a variety of flexible interfaces. An HD-SDI interface allows you to connect to a high-end video editing system with a single BNC cable. No conversion boxes are needed and the output is uncompressed, providing the highest picture quality. Timecode and audio signals are embedded in the HD-SDI signal.
Accessories Compatibility
The HXR-NX5E is compatible with many of Sony’s standard professional accessories, for example batteries, chargers, LCD hoods and more. Please take a look at our professional accessory line-up and choose the best combination for your requirements.

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Item condition : Brand New

*Three 1/3-inch Exmor CMOS sensors NXCAM AVCHD camcorder
*Work Faster
*Flexible Workflow
*Hybrid Media Choice
*20x high quality zoom
*Wide angle of 29.5 mm
*Records 1920 x 1080 images
*3.2-inch-type XtraFine LCD Touch panel

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Warranty 1 year
Brand Sony
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