Panasonic HC-MDH2 Camcorder with 21x optical zoom, 3.0 Inch LCD screen, Black

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Panasonic HC-MDH2 Camcorder with 21x optical zoom, 3.0 Inch LCD screen, Black

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ENG Style PAL Compatible Camcorder
1/2.33" MOS Full HD Sensor
20x Zoom Lens with 50x Intelligent Zoom
Hybrid O.I.S.+, Level Shot Function
Intelligent Auto Mode
Manual Control of Lens Functions
3" 16:9 LCD Touch Panel
Dual Media Card Slots
Transfer Files Without a Computer
Illuminated Ring Indicates Camera Status


The Panasonic HC MDH2 Camcorder is made for the professional who will take nothing less than perfection. This camcorder is packed to the brim with features that make your photography experience convenient, easy and gives you the top most quality. It records videos in Full HD at high resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It features an optical zoom of 21x and an Intelligent zoom of 50x with a wide viewing angle of 28mm. Give your photography more depth and put your word across more clearly and sharply with this amazing camcorder. It is also ergonomically designed to give you ease of use and comfort. It has a 3.0inch LCD screen that is perfectly positioned almost at the same level as the eye and makes LCD based shooting a worthy option. It has a 1/2.33inch High Sensitivity MOS sensor with a resolution of 17.52MP. The camcorder is available in a smart Black color and weighs approximately 5lb.

The Panasonic HC MDH2 Camcorder lets you record in two memory devices at the same time. This helps safeguard your work and makes for a more dependable and reliable option. The best part about Relay Recording is that it is ideal for extended recordings as it enables you to switch between two memory devices.

Experience comfortable shooting that enables you to go on for long durations, thanks to the 4 point support that is stable and convenient. The distance between the LCD touch panel and the eye position is plenty. According to the verification results, 200mm is suitable enough a distance. This LCD monitor is comfortable to look at, owing to the fact that it is almost on the same level as the eye. LCD based shooting style is the way to go with this camcorder. It also has an amazing forward view on the right side.

Say adios to blurs forever with the 5 Axis HYBRID O.I.S Plus that properly suppresses blurring in both wide angle and zoom shots. It makes sure all your shots are razor sharp and crystal clear, no matter what the environment or situation you’re shooting in. No more wonky pictures with the amazing Level Shot Function that automatically detects and corrects tilted images that have been captured. This makes it conducive to shooting in rocky or otherwise uneven terrain or even if you are in an unstable position and without a tripod.

Broaden your horizons or just zoom in on them with the wide shooting range of the Panasonic HC MDH2 Camcorder. This camcorder expands your breath of photographic expression and extends from 28mm wide angle to intelligent 50x zooming. This means you are good to go when it comes to both panoramic scenery shots or telephoto images. Capturing images at a distance is a piece of cake.

The Panasonic HC MDH2 Camcorder makes everything easy for you with the Manual ring functionality that is easily activated by simply pushing down on the CAMERA FUNCTION button. You can adjust the focus, zoom, iris, white balance and shutter speed with the manual ring. The position and diameter of the ring is not by accident and has been carefully crafted to give you maximum comfort and provide ease of use.

Making your images par excellence is the Crystal Engine Pro that process huge amounts of data from Full HD images instantly and then goes on to enhance the Full HD quality. The result? Simply magnificent. You get sharp and smooth, high resolution zoom shots even when the range exceeds the limit for optical zooming. Get that beautifully natural look for your images thanks to the Crystal Engine Pro that properly defines the smallest of details of your subject.

While the Crystal Engine Pro gives you clearly defined and natural images, the High Sensitivity Sensor with its amazing noise reduction performance makes it possible for you to record top quality, bright and low noise images irrespective of whether you capture them in bright or dim light. So the hour of the day or time of the night should not come in the way of beautiful images every day.

With a wide 3.0inch LCD touch screen that facilitates fingertip touch operation and is wide enough to make viewing easy, you can enjoy flawless and intuitive operation without taking your eyes of the LCD screen.

The Panasonic HC-MDH2 AVCHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder shoots SD and HD video that is compatible with PAL standards. It supports Full HD 1080p 50, using AVCHD version 2 compression at 28 Mb/s. It also shoots 1080i 50 recording at 24 Mb/s, as well as higher compression rates enabling longer recording times. The camera can also record SD footage, so it integrates into an SD or HD workflow. This makes it an option for those who are not yet ready to transition to HD but want to be able to use the same camera once they do.

The camera features a 1/2.33" MOS sensor that has been designed with a thinner wiring layer, which allows the sensor to capture more light resulting in a better low light image with less noise than with a similar sensor with a thicker wiring layer. Panasonic's Crystal Engine Pro image processor converts the info from the sensor to a viewable image. It also handles the image processing of the 50X intelligent zoom, providing smooth looking video, and minimizing artifacts.

The camera features built-in image stabilization that operates in 5-axes, compensating for vertical, horizontal, forward and back tilt, and panning motions that might otherwise be distracting to your audience. The HC-MHD2 features a level function, where the camera corrects shots that are not horizontally level. The camera's Intelligent auto mode allows the camera to select the appropriate settings to capture you image. However, you can choose to manually control, focus, zoom, iris, and white balance. The camera comes with an eyepiece viewfinder for a traditional ENG approach to shooting, but you can also use the built-in touch panel LCD instead. The camera records to available SD/SDHC/SDXC media, and features 2 x media card slots, allowing either relay or simultaneous recording to create an instant back up. Once you've captured your footage, you can connect an available USB drive to the camera and transfer directly to the drive without using a computer or other USB host device. An update on the little red recording light, the illuminated ring at the base of the lens glows to indicate the status of the camera, either blue for stand-by or red for recording.

The design of the image sensor increases sensitivity by using a thinner wiring layer, providing for larger photodiodes that can capture more light.
The Crystal Engine Pro image processor processes the information from the image sensor to produce HD images. It also handles the image processing of the digital zoom, providing smooth images even when the zoom exceeds the optical capabilities of the lens.
The camera features a built-in viewfinder and a 3.0" touchscreen LCD, allowing you to frame your shot, view your images, and control the camera's features.
The 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S.+ stabilizes your image minimizing shake by compensating for vertical and horizontal shake, as well unwanted up/down tilt, and panning shake.
The camera's Level Shot function automatically corrects and adjusts the level of the image.
The camera features a 20x optical zoom, which is complimented by a 50x intelligent zoom, which uses algorithms to produce a digitally zoomed image with minimal artifacts.
The camera's two media card slot accept available SD/SDHC/SDXC cards, and you can choose relay recording, which automatically switches recording from one card to the other when the first one becomes filled, or simultaneous recording, which provides you an instant back up.
The IA (Intelligent Auto) mode can automatically select the appropriate camera settings based on the shooting conditions.
The IA plus mode allows you to adjust exposure compensation and white balance via the touch panel LCD.
The lens features a manual control ring, pressing the Camera Function button on the side of the lens allows you to select manual control over focus, zoom, iris, white balance, or shutter speed.
The built-in USB2.0 port allows you to connect a portable hard drive, and copy footage from the camera to the hard drive without using a computer. This function requires the camera to be powered via the AC adapter.
An illuminated ring around the lens glows blue to indicate standby mode, and red to indicate recording. The illuminated ring can be turned off, allowing you to record surreptitiously.

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ENG Style PAL Compatible Camcorder
1/2.33" MOS Full HD Sensor
20x Zoom Lens with 50x Intelligent Zoom
Hybrid O.I.S.+, Level Shot Function
Intelligent Auto Mode
Manual Control of Lens Functions
3" 16:9 LCD Touch Panel
Dual Media Card Slots
Transfer Files Without a Computer
Illuminated Ring Indicates Camera Status

Memory No
Warranty 1 year
Brand Panasonic
Camera No
Display No
Battery No
Available Color No

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