Logitech G27 Racing Wheel - EU

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Logitech G27 Racing Wheel - EU

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Stainless steel
Real leather
RPM/shift indicator LEDs
Steel paddle shifters


Racing Game Wheel
Logitech´s G27 racing wheel was created for the sake of all PS3 and PC sim racing game players searching for a force feedback wheel, which includes a gear stick and a clutch pedal.
The 11-inch-wide, hand-stitched-leather-covered Logitech G27 racing wheel allows for a 900-degree rotation, i.e. 2.5 full turns lock to lock.
A total of 14 programmable buttons are available (6 - on the wheel itself, and 8 - on the external gearshift unit), plus a D-pad.

Be one with the car
Revel in the white-knuckle, hair-raising turns as you feel the tires lose traction and gleefully fly over every bump in the road. Custom dual-motor force feedback accurately simulates realistic racing action that will leave you breathless well past the checkered flag.

Listen to the silence
Enjoy the power of force feedback without the road noise thanks to smooth and quiet helical gears–similar to ones used in car transmissions.

Semi-automatic transmission
Let your instincts guide you through the six-speed paddle shifters, finding just the right gears for hairpin turns or pedal to the metal straightaways.

Keep the rubber-side down
Winning comes down to fractions of a second, and knowing when to shift gears is critical for maintaining maximum speed. But since you also need to keep your eyes on the road, we designed the indicator panel to be easy to read at a glance.

Get a grip
Enjoy the sensation and comfort of a real leather racing wheel gliding beneath your hands as you speed around the track.

Built to last
Leave everything on the track without concern for the stress placed on the wheel—it’s designed to take it. From solid steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft to quality construction throughout, G27 will provide superb performance and long-term reliability for every race.

Take it to the next level
Experience the thrill of real-life racing with a Playseat® racing simulation cockpit.

Spin the wheel
Turn the wheel 2.5 times around lock-to-lock, just like a real car.

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Stainless steel
Real leather
RPM/shift indicator LEDs
Steel paddle shifters

Warranty No
Brand Logitech

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