Travel and Landscape Lenses

Whether you want an extreme wide-angle lens for beautiful landscapes or an all-in-one zoom for when you're constantly on the go, these NIKKOR lenses will help you capture more of every adventure.

People and Events Lenses

From ultra-fast portrait lenses to versatile and compact telephotos, these NIKKOR lenses will ensure you never miss an intimate moment.

Sports and Action Lenses

Get closer to the action with NIKKOR telephoto and super-telephoto lenses, or capture the majesty of large stadiums and more with a versatile wide-angle zoom lens.

Close-Up (Macro) Lenses

Ideal for taking photographs of flowers, insects, food, jewelry, coins, stamps or other small objects, these Micro-NIKKOR lenses will help you capture every detail with stunning clarity.

Special Purpose Lenses

Fisheye Lenses
Ultra-wide-angle fisheye lenses create dramatic images, ideal for super-wide-angle special effects, interesting interiors and close-ups.

Perspective Control Lenses
Perspective Control NIKKOR lenses allow you to control perspective (converging lines), distortion and focus with tilt and shift operation.

Teleconverters sit between the camera body and select lenses to increase focal length.

Manual Lenses
Ideal when shooting HD video in D-movie mode, these manual NIKKOR lenses have fast apertures, are easy to focus and ultra quiet.


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