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Sony is a multinational business firm established in the year 1946 by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka after the Second World War. Its primary trade is manufacturing of electronic goods. It is one of the most prominent manufacturers of electronic products in the world. Sony has remained as an idol for many corporate companies as it has successfully operated several businesses like electronics, entertainment, motion pictures, computers, mobile communications and finance. Regarding electronics business, they design and manufacture digital cameras loaded with features such as advanced image processor, auto functioning systems, creative picture effects, GPS facility which supports in path finding and a number of other advanced features.

Sony introduced their first still camera in the year 1981 name Mavica. Later in 1997, they introduced their first digital camera which had a floppy disk as a storage device in it. Now, Sony has mastered their manufacture of digital camera. They introduced new technologies in camera like ND filter, tilting LCD with ultra-high resolution, clear image zoom, and more. With Sony cameras, you can even shoot videos having resolution as high as 1080/60p. If you compare the Sony Cybershot price in Dubai with the number of features it has, you will find that it is definitely worth the money.

Everyone loves to look into the past and recollect their favourite memories. With Sony cameras, you will be able to capture those beautiful memories and those great and sweet moments that will remain in your treasured collections. Save those lovely memories forever by capturing pictures. Are you looking for your favourite Sony camera online Dubai? Numerous online shopping portals offer various models of Sony cameras at affordable prices in UAE.

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